The Technology Industries of Finland Centennial Foundation
Steel and Metal Producers' Fund

Funding call for year 2023

Call for applications 1 September – 30 September 2022

The purpose of the Steel and Metal Producer’s Fund is to support scientific research and education related to entire metal production value chain. The Fund supports both technology and business-related research and education activities at Finnish universities.

The Steel and Metal Producers' Fund:

  • Awards grants for undergraduate students to support studies in Finland or abroad.
  • Awards grants for research groups, post docs and doctoral students working in Finnish universities. The focus is in supporting doctoral students.
  • Awards travel grants to support participation in international conferences and research visits.

Grants for undergraduate studies are 1 100 euros for studies in Finland and 2 000 euros for studies abroad. A grant can be applied also for studies abroad during Fall 2022. Grants for doctoral students and post docs are 25 000 euros. Size of research group grant or travel grant is not pre-defined.

The grants are awarded for one calendar year at a time. One project can receive funding for at most three years. For the year 2023, the Fund will award approximately total of 300 000 Euros. The results of the funding call will be published in late November or early December 2022.

How to apply?

A link to the application form will be published on the The Technology Industries of Finland Centennial Foundation's application system on 1st September 2022. The results of the call will be communicated to the applicants by email. The awarded grants will be published on the web page of the Fund.

More information

Authorized representative Juho Talonen, tel. 040 595 1181, email: juho.talonen(at)