Grants for Master's Theses on AI Topics

Technology Industries of Finland Centennial Foundation opens a call for AI related master’s thesis projects. The Foundation will award at least 120 grants, up to 20 000 euro each that are carried out as part of a larger research, development or implementation project related to artificial intelligence by a member company of Technology Industries of Finland. ​

​Students eligible to apply are those working on their master's thesis at any Finnish higher education institution (a university or a university of applied sciences) as part of an AI-related research, development and implementation project by a member company of Technology Industries of Finland. The field of science or education of the thesis does not matter as long as the project itself is AI-related.

Only one thesis project grant per member company can be awarded. A list of Technology Industries of Finland's member companies can be found on the website of the Technology Industries of Finland. The list of companies that already have a student that has been awarded the grant will be updated here.

When completing the thesis, the student may not be employed by the company that the project and the thesis is part of. The Foundation can award only one thesis grant per person.

How to apply?

The grant is applied for through the Foundation’s application system. You can also view the application form in pdf format on the application page.

The information needed in the application:

- Student's personal data

- Contact information of the member company

- Thesis supervisor's contact details: university + company

- At this point, the system requires the applicant to send a request for a letter of recommendation to both of the supervisors. ​

- The topic and the goal of the thesis. The roles and cooperation between the school and the company in supervising the thesis must be agreed in writing at the latest when the thesis work starts and described as part of the research plan.

- The subject and objective of the company's project, as well as a data commitment

- In addition, a summary of the company's project plan

- The company's commitment to provide the thesis with relevant materials in the event that the company's project is interrupted unless the company has substantial reasons to act otherwise


Thesis research plan (maximum length 4 pages incuding bibliography, font size minimum 12, line spacing minimum 1) + plan for the company's research, development or implementation project.

The Foundation is a private foundation and the grant it pays will show in the tax proposal as liable to taxation. Please, consult the tax authority for instructions. If the grant has been awarded for a minimum of 4 months' work, submit an insurance application to MELA (The Farmers' Social Insurance Institution) within 3 months of the payment of the first grant instalment. MELA will invoice you for the insurance.

All applicants will be informed of the decision by e-mail.

More information:
Marianna Jokila
Development Manager
tel. 040 592 6478