• Kick-off attracted a lot of interested researchers

    Figure: Project members after the kick-off meeting in February 2018.

    During the first half year of the Quantum Computer project, we have organized two meetings: A kick-off meeting in February 2018 and a regular user meeting in August 2018. In these meetings, we discuss with several research groups and industry partners about recent achievements and future steps. The kick-off meeting attracted a lot of crowed as you can see from the photo! Well, who would not like to be involved in the development of a quantum computer!?


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    Suomalaisen kvanttitietokoneen kehityksen käynnistys

    Aalto-yliopisto, Mikko Möttönen


    First peak to the quantum computer lab

    The new year begun and thanks to the Future Makers funding, we are busy in recruiting quantum engineers and preparing for experiments on superconducting quantum processors.

    Looks good thus far. One new postdoc has already accepted our offer and there is more to come! We just got these new measurement electronics.

    Can you spot it from this photo taken in the lab?